Oproep Europese Commissie: informerende maatregelen over het GLB

Each year the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development publishes a call for proposals for information measures on the common agricultural policy. Such information measures illustrate how the CAP contributes towards the delivery of the Commission's political priorities, in particular jobs, growth and investment in rural areas, fighting climate change and promoting sustainable agriculture. The theme of this year’s call for proposals is for information measures that focus on illustrating how the new CAP will contribute towards the delivery of the Commission’s political priorities, in particular the European Green Deal. The target public are all citizens, farmers and non-farmers alike. The total budget for the co-financing of activities is estimated at EUR 4.000.0000. The grant amount will be minimum EUR 75.000 and maximum EUR 500.000 which represents maximum 60% of the eligible costs.

On 28 October, the abovementioned call for proposals was published on the Funding & Tenders Opportunities portal of the Commission. All relevant information can be found on the Europa web page dedicated to grants:


The complete information can be found on:

 Please note that applicants have until 25 January 2022 to send their proposals.